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Professional Development Day for Primary School Teachers

Friday 7th July 9am – 3pm (Cost: £120 per person)


This full-day hands-on professional development is designed to give an overview to implementing a quality curriculum in design technology in primary schools including:

• The nature and content of design technology.

• Curriculum construction and planning units of work.

• Teaching and learning – the three types of lessons in design technology.

• Ensuring progression in knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding in design technology.

• Effective and meaningful assessment in design technology.


As well as an in-depth look at structures in key stages 1 & 2, participants will have the opportunity to apply their technical knowledge from the session to making products that involve both frame and shell structures.



As part of this training, resources to support developing the curriculum and teaching and learning in design technology will be provided along with copies of units of work from our design technology scheme.

This course is ideal for both subject leaders in design technology and primary school teachers.

Venue: Hilton Hotel London (Park Royal)

Western Avenue, Connell Crescent, London W5 3BQ

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