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Professional Development

Reading Support & Phonics

Details of our online webinars for 2021-22. Please note that all our online webinars are priced per school. As part of each training package we provide copies of the presentation slides, course materials and an edited copy of the webinar. Payment online or we can invoice the school.

Better Reading Support Partners (Support to deliver Catch-Up Reading)

Having a team of Better Reading Support Partners is an effective way of supporting those pupils who have fallen behind in reading. BRSP can be used as an integral part of the recovery curriculum. Once trained, Better Reading Support Partners are able to provide both a light touch reading intervention programme and also transfer these skills when supporting children in reading across the curriculum.

What is Better Reading Support Partners?

BRSP is a reading intervention for pupils in Years 1 to 10 who have fallen behind at reading.  A specially trained Better Reading Support Partner delivers a short one-to-one support programme to help them to develop independent reading and comprehension skills so that they can make accelerated progress and catch up with their peers.


Who is it for?

Better Reading Support Partners raises the attainment of children who can read but who lack fluency, understanding and enjoyment and may need support with decoding skills, vocabulary and/or comprehension. 

It helps them to:

  • decode the words on a page

  • understand what they are reading

  • read with greater pace and fluency

  • confidently access a wider range of reading material

  • develop independent reading skills

  • enjoy and develop a long-lasting enthusiasm for reading.

Training Dates:

  • Wednesday 10th November 10.30am - 12pm

  • Thursday 11th November 10.30am - 12 pm

  • Wednesday 17th November 10.30am - 12 pm

  • Thursday 18th November 10.30am - 12 pm


Alternatively, schools can choose to purchase the edited recordings of each session for use within their setting.

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Click on the button to download the BRSP Brochure

Systematic Synthetic Phonics 

Carousel Education Letters and Sounds SSP programme is sustainable and works for all children, including the most disadvantaged. So, if you are using letters and sounds and not receiving strong results, this SSP programme and high-quality training is essential. This programme meets all the 16 essential core criteria, including: 

  • Systematic, synthetic phonic work as the prime approach,

  • The alphabetic principle, 

  • Progression from simple to complex phonic knowledge,  

  • The skills of blending and segmenting,  

  • Direct teaching and teacher-child interactions. 

Participants will:

    Develop the necessary subject knowledge which underpins the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics
    Understand the expected pace and progression for phonics teaching in Reception and Key Stage 1
    Know how Carousel Education Letters and Sounds programme, teaching sequence and activities support                                                                             highly effective phonics teaching


Programme delivery over 3 sessions on:

  • Thursday 4th November 10am - 12pm

  • Tuesday 9th November 10am - 12pm

  • Tuesday 16th November 10am -12pm


These sessions are recorded and will be available for download after each webinar.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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Click on the button to download the Synthetics Phonics Brochure

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