Professional Development

Subject Leadership

Carousel Education provides a range of online training opportunities supporting subject leaders in curriculum development and preparing for Inspection. Webinars are priced per school and all participating schools receive a recording of the webinar and course materials. Our Ofsted Readiness training programme is updated termly. The following webinars are part of our subject leadership training program:

Subject Leadership Online Training

An online webinar to support school leaders in developing effective curriculum provision in their subject area. These webinars cover the following key areas of a curriculum development and subject leadership:

  • The composite curriculum 

  • The National Curriculum and the subject components

  • Effective learning

  • The 'Knowledge-Rich' curriculum

  • Planning the curriculum

  • Planning for teaching and learning

  • Assessment

  • Greater Depth

  • Staff subject knowledge

  • Ofsted Deep Dive

  • Evaluating curriculum provision

Each webinar is priced at £50 per school (payment online or by invoice)

Where a live webinar is not scheduled, schools may purchase a recording of the webinar along with the presentation slides and course materials.

Subject Leadership Training is currently offered for the following curriculum subjects:
  • Art and Design

  • Computing

  • Design Technology

  • Geography

  • History

  • Physical Education

  • Science

Professional Development

Subject Knowledge Webinars

Carousel Education provides a range of online training opportunities supporting schools in curriculum subject knowledge. Staff subject knowledge and staff professional development are two areas highlighted by Ofsted as components of the overall quality of education judgement in inspections. Using the recent Ofsted Subject Reports as a guide, we have identified key areas of curriculum teaching where staff subject knowledge is vital to the achievement of pupils in the subject

Subject Knowledge Webinars can be booked following the links below: